Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords

Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords

Let’s Play Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords

Hey guys, are you searching for the best Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords. Then you are at the right button. Here, we have provided guitar chords in just quick and easy clicks. However, we are here not only just to provide the music notes, but our Target is to give you the best and to make you well confident through provided Guitar chords.

Gulabi Aankhen is one of the most trended songs from the movie Tiger Zinda Hai which had been sung by the singer Atif Aslam. This song is one of the most popular in that movie. However, by hearing the tune, the guitar lovers would love it to paly and also wanted to learn it quickly. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it quickly.

Movie :  Tiger Zinda Hai
Song  :  Dil Diyan Galla
Singer:   Atif Aslam

Let’s start Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords and enjoy playing the song…

Dil Diyan Gallan Guitar Chords Pattern – Atif Aslam

Verse 1

Kacc{C}hi doriy{F}on, dori{G}yon, doriyon se
Mai{F}nu tu ba{C}andh le
Pak{C}ki yaariy{F}on, yaar{G}iyon, yaariyon mein
Hon{F}de na faa{C}sley

Eh {Am} naraaz{F}gi kaa{G}gzi saari teri
Me{Am}re sohn{F}eya su{G}nn le meri


Dil diyan {C} gallan
Karaange {F} naal naal beh ke
{G} Akh naale ak{C}h nu milaa ke

Dil diyan {C} gallan haaye…
Karaange {F} roz roz beh ke
{G} Sacchiyan moh{C}abbataan nibha ke

{Am} Sataaye mainu kyun
{F} Dikhaaye mainu kyun
{G} Aiven jhuthi mutthi {C} russ ke rusaake
Dil diyan {C} gallan haaye
Karaange {F} naal naal beh ke
{G} Akh naale ak{C}h nu mila ke
(Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords)

Verse 2

T{C}enu lakhan ton chhupa ke rakhaan
Akkhaan te sajaa{Am}ke tu ae meri wafaa
{F} Rakh apna bana ke
{G} Main tere layi aan
{G} Tere layi aan {C} yaaran
Naa paavin {F} kad{C}e dooriyan (x2)

{Am} Main jeena haan tera…
{Am} Main jeena haan tera
{F} Tu jeena hai mera
D{G}ass lena ki na{C}khra dikha ke


Dil diyan {C} gallan
Karaang{F}e naal naal beh ke
{G} Akh naale ak{C}h nu mila ke

Dil diyan {C} gallan
Raatan kaa{C}liyan, ka{F}aliyan, kaa{G}liyan ne
Mere di{F}l saanw{C}le
Mere haan{C}iyan, haan{F}iyan, haani{G}yan je
Lagge t{F}u na ga{C}le
(Gulabi Aankhen Guitar Chords)

Mera aas{Am}maan maus{F}amaan di {G} na sune
Koi khwa{Am}ab na poo{F}ra bun{G}e
Dil diyan galla{C}n
Karange naal na{F}al beh ke
A{G}kh naale akh nu mi{C}la ke

Pataa hai mainu ky{Am}un chupa ke dekhe t{F}u
Mere na{G}am se naam mil{C}a ke
Dil diyan galla{C}n
Karange naal na{F}al beh ke
A{G}kh naale akh nu mi{C}la ke
Dil diyan galla{C}n…




Gulabi Aankhen is the most beautiful and popular song from the movie The Train. The song was sung by Mohammed Rafi. It is an Indian Hindi language Bollywood movie, full of a thriller. The movie is directed by Ravikant Nagaich and produced by Rajendra Kumar and Ramesh Behi. The story is written by Arudra, cinematography by Ravikant Nagaich and edited by And Kumar.

The movie is a remake of 1967 Malayalam movie Cochin Express starring, which was subsequently remade in 1968 in Kannada as Bangalore Mail, in Telugu as Circar Express and in Tamil as Neelagiri Express.

The film stars who performed their great roles are Rajesh Khanna and Nanda. The movie recorded as a Hit at box office India, which was released on 24 April 1970.


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