Tere Naam Guitar Chords

Tere Naam Guitar Chords

Let’s Play Tere Naam Guitar Chords

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Tere Naam is one of the most trended songs from the movie Tere Naam which had been sung by the singer Udit Narayan. This song is one of the most popular in that movie. However, by hearing the tune, the guitar lovers would love it to paly and also wanted to learn it quickly. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it quickly.

Movie :  Tere naam
Song  :  Tere naam
Singer:   Udit Narayan

Let’s start Tere Naam Guitar Chords and enjoy playing the song…

Scale: B Major

Time Signature: 4/4

Tempo: 90

Suggested Strumming: DU,DU,DU,DU




(B)Tere naam

(B)Tere naam

F# Tere naaBm

F# Hum ne kiEya hai

Ho Ejeevan aapna

F# Sara sanBam

Ho (E)jeevan aapna

F# Sara sanBam

Tere naam

La la la

Tere naam

La la la la

Tere naam hum ne

Kiya hai jeevan aapna sara sanam

Ho jeevan aapna sara sanam

(B)Pyaar bahut karte hai Tumse

ishq ha(E)i tu hum(F#)ara sana(B)m

Ho is(E)hq hai tu hum(F#)ara sana(B)m
(Tere Naam Guitar Chords)




Tere (B)ishq ne Saa(Abm)thiya

Tera (E)haal kya kard(B)iya

Tere(Ebm) ishq ne Saa(E)thiya

tera H(F#)aal kya kardiy(B)a


F#Gulshan bhi (B)to

Ab veerana lagta hai

F#Har aapna hum

(B)Ko begana lag(E)ta hai

F#Hum teri yaado(B)n

Mein khoye rehte hai

F#Log hume p(B)agal

Deewana ke(E)hte hai

Tere binC#ma tere(B) bina

TF#ere bi(B)na F#naamumk(E)in Hai

zindEagi kaF# guzara sa(B)nam

Ho zind(E)agi ka guF#zara san(B)am
(Tere Naam Guitar Chords)



(B)Lagi chote na lagi

(B)Chote na lagi chote na

(B)Ishq ka dhaga tote na

(B)Lagi chote na lagi

Chote na lagi chote na

Ishq ka dhaga tote na

Tere ishq ne saathiya

Tera haal kya kardiya

Tere ishq ne saathiya

Tera haal kya kardiya
(Tere Naam Guitar Chords)


Naino se behte

Ashqo ke dharo me(B)in

(B)Humne tujhko

Dekha chand sit(E)aro mein

V(B)irhaki agni

M(B)ein pal pal tapti hai

AF#b to sasein

T(B)eri mala ja(E(pti hai

TF#ere liyC#me ter(B)e liye


F#Tere (B)liye F#is dun(E)iya

(E)Ka har sitam hai

F# B

Gawara sanam

(B)Ho har si(E)tam hai

F# B

Gawara sanam

F#Tere naa(B)m hF#um ne

(E)Kiya hai jeevan

AapnaF# sara san(B)am

(B)Ho jeev(E)an aapna sF#ara sanam 
(Tere Naam Guitar Chords)



Tere Naam is the most beautiful theme song from the movie Tere Naam. It is an Indian Hindi language Bollywood movie, full of romance and drama. The movie directed by Satish Kaushik, Written by Bala and Jainendra Jain. The film stars Salman Khan and Bhumika Chawla. The amazing soundtrack for the movie was given by Himesh Reshammiya. Finally, The movie released on 15 August 2003. The movie was truly based on real-life incidents of friends of Bala’s who was fallen in love lost his mind and ended up at a mental asylum.


Rajbir/Radhe Mohan(Salman Khan) is a jobless Rowdy person who falls in love with a girl Nirjara Bharadwaj (Bhumika Chawla), Student of his former colleagues. He helped her few times and she seems to like him. Later on, she also started loving him.
One day Radhe gets brain damage in a fight and loses his mental balance. Further, his family admits him to a religious institution for mental patients, as Nirjara and his friends pray for him.

At one point he regains his balance but then the wardens pretend that he is becoming mad and beaten him hardly. Nirjara went to see him and thinks that now he can’t be normal. His friends speak to Radha to get married to someone else.
During her marriage, Radhe escapes from the institution, and arrives at her home, only to find that she has committed suicide. In the end, Radhe allows himself to be taken back to the institution. Let’s Play Tere Naam Guitar Chords.


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