Tum Hi Ho Guitar Chords

Tum Hi Ho Guitar Chords

Let’s Play Tum Hi Ho Guitar Chords

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Tum Hi Ho is one of the most trended songs from the movie Aashiqui 2 which had been sung by the singer Arjit Singh. This song is one of the most popular in that movie. However, by hearing the tune, the guitar lovers would love it to paly and also wanted to learn it quickly. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it quickly.

Movie:  Aashiqui 2
Song:  Tum hi ho
Singer:   Arjit Singh
Directed by:  Mohit Suri
Year.   :.   2013

Let’s start Tum Hi Ho Guitar Chords and enjoy playing the song…

(Em)Hum tere bin ab
(C)reh nahi sakte
(D)Tere bina kya
wa(B7)jood me(C)ra

(Em)Hum tere bin ab

(C)reh nahi sakte

(D)Tere bina kya wa(

B7)jood me(C)ra

(Em)Tujhse juda gar

(C)ho jaayenge Toh

(D)khud se hi ho jaa

(B7)yenge ju(C)daa Kyunki

(Em)tum hi ho Ab (Am)tum hi ho

(D)Zindagi Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho (Em)Chain bhi,

mera (Am)dard bhi Meri

(D)aashiqui Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho (Em)-(Bm)-(Am)-(Em)

(Em)Tera mera (C)rishta hai kaisa

(D)Ik pal door (B7)gawara (C)nahi

(Em)Tere liye har (C)roz hai jeete (D)Tujh ko diya mera

(B7)waqt (C)sabhi (D)Koi lamha mera na ho

(G)tere bina (B7)Har saans pe naam (C)tera…

(D) Kyunki (Em)tum hi ho Ab (Am)tum hi ho

(D)Zindagi Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho (Em)Chain bhi,

mera (Am)dard bhi Meri (D)aashiqui

Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho (Em)-(Bm)-(Am)-(Em) Tumhi ho… Tumhi ho…

(C)Tere liye hi jiya (Bm)main

(C)Khud ko jo yun de

(Bm)diya hai Teri (Am)wafa ne mujhko sam

(Em)bhala Saare (Am)ghamon ko dil se ni

(Em)kala (D)Tere saath mera hai

(G)naseeb juda (B7)Tujhe paake adhoora naa

(C)raha (D)hmm.. Kyunki (Em)tum hi ho Ab (Am)tum hi ho

(D)Zindagi Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho (Em)Chain bhi,

mera (Am)dard bhi Meri (D)aashiqui Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho Kyunki

(Em)tum hi ho Ab (Am)tum hi ho (D)Zindagi Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho

(Em)Chain bhi, mera (Am)dard bhi Meri (D)aashiqui Ab (Bm)tum hi (C)ho




Tum hi ho is the most beautiful, romantic and popular song from the movie Aashiqui 2. The song was sung by the ever famous singer Arjit Singh. Aashiqui 2 is the 2013 Indian Hindi language Bollywood movie, full of romance and musical drama. The movie is directed by Mohit Suri, produced by Mukesh Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar under the Vishesh Films and  T-Series banners and written by Shagufta Rafique. The film stars who performed their great roles are, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Shraddha Kapoor. The movie released on 26 April 2013.


The story opens with the large crowd waiting for the most popular singer Rahul Jaykar. But his career is waning because of his over addiction towards alcohol. One day when he was in the bar he saw a bar singer Aarohi who truly wants to be a passionately dedicated singer and wanted to be popular. So, for her, Rahul promises to transform her into a singing sensation and asks her to never perform again in bars. After some time She gets convinced and left a job and went to Mumbai with him.

Rahul convinced the producers and musician Saigal to listen to the song of Aarohi. Later on, when Aarohi calls Rahul he does not pick up her call, as he was injured and this fact was unknown for her. As he left her job, her family was suffering from money problems so after few days Aarohi again starts the job of bar singer. 2 months later when Rahul is completely fine he came to know that Aarohi had left, started searching Aarohi and went to her. Further, he apologized for his mistake. Aarohi and her family get convinced.

After this, he completed his promise to make her a popular singer. Later on when Rahul’s popularity started losing he feels bad about it and started drinking alcohol. When Arohi realizes that Rahul is addicted to alcohol, she decided to take him away and settle there. Firstly Rahul shows good outcomes but then because of depression Rahul suicides. Aarohi gets depressed and decided to move on from the singing. Further, Arohi leaves her job but Rahul’s friend convinced her not to a left job as it was Rahul’s wish to make you a singer. She stays on and develops herself as a popular singer.


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