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Bekhayali Guitar Tabs

Let’s Play Bekhayali Guitar Tabs

Hey guys, are you searching for best Bekhayali Guitar Tabs. Then you are at the right button. Here, we have provided Bekhayali Tabs in just quick and easy clicks. 

Bekhayali is one of the most trended songs from the movie Kabir Singh which had been sung by the singer Sachet Tandon. This song is one of the most popular in that movie. However, by hearing the tune, the piano lovers would love it to paly and also wanted to learn it quickly. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it quickly.

Movie: Kabir Singh
Song: Bekhayali
Singer:  sachet Tandon
Directed by: Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Year.   :.  2019

Let’s start Bekhayali Guitar Tabs

Bekhayali mein bhi tera  hi  khayal     aaye     


      Teri    Nazdikeeyon ki khushi  behisab       thi

     Hisse mein faasle   bhi tere    bemisaal aaye

   Main jo tumse dur hu kyu dur main rahu  tera guroor hoon   


     Aa   tu faasla  mita tu khwaab sa  mila   kyu khwaab tod  du


( Bekhayali Guitar Tabs )


Bekhayali Mein Bhi
Tera Hi Khayal Aaye
Kyun Bichadna Hai Jaruri
Ye Sawal Aaye

Teri Nazdeekiyo
Ki Khushi Behisab Thi
Hisse Mein Fansle
Bhi Tere Bemisal Aaye

Main Jo Tumse Door Hu
Kyun Door Main Rahu
Tera Gurur Hu Uun
Aa Tu Fansla Mita
Tu Khaawb Sa Mila
Kyun Khaawb Tod Du

Bekhayali Mein Bhi
Tera Hi Khayal Aaye
Kyun Judai De Gaya Tu
Ye Sawal Aaye

Thoda Sa Main Kafa Ho Gaya
Apne Aap Se
Thoda Sa Tujhpe Bhi
Bewajah Hi Malaal Aaye

Hai Ye Tadpan Hai Ye Uljhan
Kaise Jee Lu Bina Tere
Mere Ab Sabse Hai Ann-Ban
Bante Kyun Ye Khuda Mere Ulll
( Bekhayali Guitar Tabs )

Ye Jo Log-Baag Hai
Jungle Ki Aag Hai
Kyun Aag Mein Jalu
Ye Nakaam Pyar Mein
Khush Hain Haar Mein
Inn Jaisa Kyun Banu

Raatein Dengi Bata
Neendo Mein Teri Hi Baat Hai
Bhoolun Kaise Tujhe
Tu Toh Khayalo Mein Sath Hai

Bekhayali Mein Bhi
Tera Hi Khayal Aaye
Kyun Bichadna Hai Jaruri
Ye Sawal Aaye ( Bekhayali Guitar Tabs )

Nazar Ke Aage, Har Ek Manjar
Ret Ki Tarha Bikhar Raha Hai
Dard Tumhara Badan Mein Mere
Zehar Ki Tarah Utar Raha Hai

Nazar Ke Aage, Har Ek Manjar
Ret Ki Tarha Bikhar Raha Hai
Dard Tumhara Badan Mein Mere
Zehar Ki Tarah Utar Raha Hai

Aa Jamaane Aajma Le Ruthta Nahi
Faanslo Se Haunsla Ye Tutt’ta Nahi
Na Hai Wo Bewafa Aur Na Main Hu Bewafa
Wo Meri Aadaton Ki Tarah Chhutata Nahi
( Bekhayali Guitar Tabs )



Bekhayali is the most amazing song from the movie Kabir Singh. This movie is a 2019 Indian Hindi language movie. It is a romantic drama film that has been directed and written by Sandeep Vanga. This movie is a remake of the director’s own Telugu movie Arjun Reddy. However, the lead roles of Kabir Singh are Shahid Kapoor and Kiara Advani. This movie released on 21 June 2019.


The story is about the love story of Kabir Singh and Preeti. Kabir Singh a brilliant medical student. He has severe anger management problems. So, once because of his anger he had a fight with other college students in a football match.  After the match, Kabir’s college dean insists him to either apologize or leave the college. Kabir initially chooses to leave but stays back after meeting and falling in love with first-year student Preeti Sikka. Later in a few days, they both fall in love with each other.

Over the course of three years, Kabir and Preeti’s relationship becomes stronger. Months later, Kabir visits Preeti’s house, where her father, Harpal, sees them kissing and throws Kabir out. So, then her father Dislikes their relationship. Then Kabir gave Preeti 6 hours otherwise he will end their relationship. Then she manages to reach Kabir’s house but she couldn’t find him. Actually, he was drunk, injects morphine into himself, and becomes unconscious for two days, missing his elder brother Karan’s wedding in the process.


Preeti is then forcibly married to another guy named Jatinder from her caste. Meanwhile, when Kabir wakes up and came to know about Preeti’s marriage, she suddenly goes to her house in protest. He is assaulted and gets arrested for making a scene. Kabir’s father, Rajdheer, ostracises him from the family home for damaging his reputation.

Further, he has to face many emotional problems so he started to drink alcohol. Then one day his grandmother died and joined back the house. To fulfil his emotions he went on vacation. While leaving for a vacation, Kabir meets a pregnant Preeti sitting in a park. Then she refused to talk to him but Kabir insists to talk. later on she speaks that the child in his womb is his. Then they happily get married.


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