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Kal Ho Na Ho Piano Notes

Let’s Play Kal Ho Na Ho Piano Notes

Hey guys, are you searching for the Kal Ho Na Ho Piano Notes. Then you are in the right place. Here, we have provided this song’s piano notes in just quick and easy clicks. 

Kal Ho Na Ho Piano is one of the most trended songs from the movie Kal ho Na ho which had been sung by the most popular singer, Shankar- Ehsaan. This song is one of the most popular in that movie. However, by hearing this song, the piano lovers would love it to play and also wanted to learn it fast. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it quickly.

Movie: Kal ho na ho
Song: Kal ho na ho
Singer: Shankar- Ehsaan- Loy
Directed by: Nikkhil Advani
Year.   :. 2003

Lets begin Kal Ho Na Ho Piano Notes


C*       BC*         BC*       
Har   ghadi     badal

BC* E*    D* C*     B~ A      B~ AB
rahi        hai       roop     zindagi

C*~ B      C*       BC* 
chaav    hai     kabhi

BC* E*     D* C*     B~ A       B~ AB
kabhi     hai       dhoop   zindagi

G         A         C* A           
Har    pal     yahaan

F        G           AG
jee      bhar     jiyo

G       A         C* A   
Jo     hai      sama

F       A#     A       G
kal     ho   na    ho
GF    A#     A       G


Har   ghadi     badal  rahi hai…

BC*          F*    E* D*
Chahe     jo      tumhe

C* A          B~     C*    
poore      dil     se

BC*         F*     E* D*  
Milta      hai     woh

C* AB           C*    AG  
mushkil      se    ~

BC* F*      E*    D* C*
Aisa           jo     koi

AB         C*
kahin   hai

BC*       F* E*     D*       C*   
Bas      wohi       sab   se

AB             C*     AG
haseen     hai    ~

G        AC*          A     
Uss    haath       ko,

F         GA         G
tum     tham    lo,

G             AC* A  
woh      meherbaan

F        A#     A       G
kal      ho   na    ho
GF     A#     A       G

G         A         C* A           
Har    pal     yahaan

F        G           AG
jee      bhar     jiyo

G       A         C* A   
Jo     hai      sama

F       A#     A       G
kal     ho   na    ho
GF    A#     A       G

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Kal ho Na ho is the most popular theme song from the movie Kal ho na ho. It is a 2003 Indian Hindi language movie, which is fulfilled with romance, comedy, and drama and released on 27 November 2003. This movie is directed by Nikhil Advani and written by Karan Johar. The film stars who performed their great roles were stars Jaya Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, and Preity Zinta, with Sushma Seth, Reema Lagoo, Lillete Dubey, and Delnaaz Paul in supporting roles.

The story, Naina Kapur lived in a joint family with her widowed mother Jenifer Kapur. Naina had 2 best friends, Rohit Patel and Jaspreet Kapoor. Naina’s life is dull and overshadowed by her father’s loss. But soon it changed because of the entrance of the Aman Mathur and his mother move in next door with his uncle, Pritam Chaddha. He gradually makes the Naina family happy by solving their problems. He also encourages Naina to live her life to the fullest.

Naina falls in love with him. Rohit also loves Naina and to express his love he takes the help of Aman. But, suddenly Naina told Rohit that she loves Aman. Then Aman says Naina that he is already married to Priya. Aman’s mother confronts him about what has happened. He says he loves Naina but has decided to hide it because he is dying from a heart condition.  But actually, Aman is not married Priya is his childhood friend.

Then Rohit proposes Naina and she accepts. During their engagement, Aman had a heart attack. After that Naina came to know the truth about the Aman. But the. he refused her by saying that he does not love her and said Rohit to marry her as his last wish.  Sometime after the wedding, Aman is on his deathbed and says goodbye to everyone.

Conclusion Kal Ho Na Ho Piano Notes:

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