Sanam Re Guitar Chords

Sanam Re Guitar Chords

Let’s Play Sanam Re Guitar Chords

Welcome to the Blogsoch page of Sanam Re Guitar Chords. Here you will be getting the easy Guitar Chords for the most romantic title song from the movie Sanam Re. This song shows the love bond between the best actors Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat. This song was completely released with a video version on 8 January 2016 and crossed over 350+ million views on YouTube. And still is the most popular and romantic song ever.

The song was sung by Arjit Singh and the video is picturized by Yami Gautam and Pulkit Samrat. Thus, it shows the love bond between them. However, you will be enjoying the Provided Guitar Chords.

Movie:  Sanam re
Song:   Sanam Re 
Singer :   Arjit Singh

Let’s start Sanam Re Guitar Chords and enjoy playing the song…

Sanam Re Guitar Chords

Gm(355333) barre chord


F(133211) barre chord


F#(244322) barre chord

A# (113331) barre chord

D7 (X00212)


Strumming Pattern


D – Down Strum
U – Up Strum


(D) (G) (D) (G) (C) (G) (F) (D#) X2

Intro Humming

(Gm) | (Eb) (F) | X4

O ho…

{Gm} Bheegi bheegi sadkon pe m{Eb}ain, Tera i{F}ntezaar k{Gm}arun
={Gm} Dheere dheere dil ki za{Eb}meen ko, {F} Tere hi naam k{Gm}arun
{Gm} Khudko main yoon kho do{Cm}on, Ke p{Eb}hir na kabhi pa{Gm}aun

{Gm} Haule haule zindagi {Eb} ko, Ab t{F}ere hawaale k{Gm}arun
={Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re (X2)
{Gm} Karam re, {Eb} karam re, {Gm} Tera mujhpe karam {Cm} hua re

{Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re

(Gm) | (Eb) (F) | X3 (Gm)

O ho…

{Cm} Tere kareeb jo ho{Bb}ne laga hoon, To to{F}ote saare bharam re
={Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re (X2)

(Gm) | (Eb) (F) | X3 (Gm)

O ho…


(Gm) | (Cm) | X4
(Gm) | (F) | (Cm) | (Gm) | X2

{Gm} Baadalon ki tarah hi toh, Tune mu{Cm}jhpe saaya kiya hai
{Gm} Baarishon ki tarah hi toh, Tune k{Cm}hushiyon se bhigaya hai
{F#} Aandhiyon ki ta{D7}rah hi toh, Tune h{Gm}osh ko udaaya hai
{G7} Mera muqaddar san{Cm}wara hai yoon, {F} Naya savera jo laa{Bb}ya hai tu
{Cm} Tere sang {Bb} hi bitaane hain muj{F}hko, Mere saare janam re

{Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re
{Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re
={Gm} Karam re, {Eb} karam re, {Gm} Tera mujhpe karam {Cm} hua re
{Gm} Sanam re, {Eb} sanam re {F}, Tu mera sanam {Gm} hua re

(Gm) | (Eb) (F) | X3 (Gm)

O ho…

(Gm) | (Eb) (F) | X4 (Gm) *((One Strum))




Sanam re is the most beautiful and romantic theme song from the movie Sanam re. The song is written and composed by Mithoon and sung by the ever-popular singer Arjit Singh. Sanam re title track video officially released on 22 December 2015 and the full video for this song was released on 26 February 2016 and the full lyrical song was released on 8 January 2016.

Finally, the video version of the song has reached 96 million views on YouTube and the full video version song has touched over 350+ million views. Sanam Re is the Indian Hindi language Bollywood movie, full of romance and drama. The movie directed by Divya Khosla Kumar and produced by Bhushan Kumar. Krishna Kumar and co-produced by Ajay Kapoor.

The film stars who performed their great roles are Pulkit Samrat, Yami Gautam as their lead roles, and Urvashi Rautela and Rishi Kapoor as the best crucial supporting role. The amazing soundtrack album for the movie was given by Mithoon, Jeet Ganguli, Amaal Malik, and Epic Bhangra. The movie released worldwide on 12 February 2016 on the weekend of Valentine’s day.


The story starts just before the New year is about to set. Akash works as a private firm in Mumbai and leads a single life. Meanwhile, when he came to know that his grandfather’s health has disturbed, he then visits his city, Tanakpur. After reaching there he wished to sell his Grandfather’s studio and went to see it for last time. Now, the story is sent in flashback.
At the time when he was six years old living with his parents and grandfather (Rishi Kapoor) During his high school, he falls in love with Shruti (Yami Gautam). Later on, he left her to go for higher studies without informing her. She then shattered.

In present, he tries to find Shruti but fails. But, once during a business deal, he meets Shruti and falls in love with her, but Shruti can’t recognize him and continues the relation but then Shruti left her. Akash was knowing that she still loves him and finds out the fact of her rejection, and it was her heart disease and is in need of a heart transplant.
Lastly, she gets the donor and gets cured. She went to find Akash and came to the fact that the donor was none other than Akash. She cried a lot. In the end, she reopens the studio of Akash’s grandfather.


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