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Doraemon Theme Song in Hindi Piano Notes

Let’s Play Doraemon Theme Song in Hindi Piano Notes

Hey guys, are you searching for the easy Doraemon Theme Song in Hindi Piano Notes. Then you are in the right place. Here, we have provided this song’s piano notes in just quick and easy clicks. 

Doraemon title Song is one of the most wanted and played songs from the most viewed cartoon Doraemon. So, I have provided the notes below in an easy way that will make it very clear to Learn it fast.

Song  : Doraemon theme

Let’s start Doraemon Theme Song in Hindi Piano Notes.


D    C#    B    A
A    B    C#    

Repeat 3 times

D    C#    B    A
A    B    C#
D    C#    B    A
E    D    C#    B
B    C#    D

Repeat 3 times

E    D    C#    B
B    C#    D    E
B   C#   D     G   A   B     A   B   C#
F#   G   A     G   A   B     E    F#   G
F#   G   A     D   E   F#
D   C#   C   B   A#   A   G#   G   F#   F   E


Zindagi    sawar    du 
A D D      F# B F#  A 

Ik    nayi    bahar     du  
 A     B   A   F# G F#   E

 Duniya   hi   badal   du  
B    E        E    G   C#   C#

Main  to  pyara  sa   chamatkar   hu
 B       A    G   G    G    C#  B  C# D   E

Main  kisi  ka  sapna  hu               
Jo   aaj  ban  chukka  hu  sach   

 Ab  ye  mera  sapna  hai              same
 Ki  sabke  sapne  sach  mai  karu    same

Aasmaa   ko   chuu….   Lu
B    B  B      A     G  A  B    A

Titli    ban   udun
E   F#    G#   E   A

Aa     ha      ha
B       A        G

 Main   hun   ik
E          C#      B

Udta    robot       doraemon
A   B      A   G       A  B  F#  E  D

Mano   ya   na     mano
B  B       B     B    G  A  B  A

Main hun ik udta robo doraemon   same


D  D   C#  C#   B  B   A  A   B  B   C#  C#   D
C#  D     E  B  B  B     E  B  B  B
B  C#  D  B  E
D  D   C#  C#   B  B   A  B
F#  F#  F#  F#   E  F#  G
 D  B  A#  B  D  C#  D  E  D



Doraemon Theme Song is most beneficial for Beginners and well-known players. However, without practice, you can’t get any song perfect. But, by these notes, you can get it quickly and level up work.  So, just note it and practice it. Make your surroundings fill with emotions by playing the given Doraemon theme song Hindi Piano notes on the piano.

By my work, these notes really made me motivated and relax, plus, my practice came up with the best results. However, playing songs boost up your enthusiasm and make you happy. So, just keep playing the Doraemon theme song Hindi piano notes and make yourself as best as you can.

Thank you for visiting the Blogsoch page of Doraemon piano notes. Hope! you must enjoy it.